Friday, June 3, 2016

Duterte refuses to rescue police official involved in Drugs, in NPA custody

In a press conference Tuesday night, June 2, Duterte said that an NPA leader he identified as Quinn called him up and told him that they found illegal drugs from Chief Inspector Arnold Ongachen during a raid in Governor Generoso Municipal Police Station town in Davao Oriental last Sunday evening, May 29.

“He would not lie to me,” Duterte said.

He said the NPA raided the station because of the numerous complaints of the residents in the area that the police are involved in illegal drug trade.

Duterte said the NPA asked him what they would do and he told the rebels to try the police in their “kangaroo court”.

“You try him and sentence him to 20 years hard labor,” he said.

Duterte also said that he will not rescue the police official.

“Ayoko (I don’t want to),” Duterte said when asked if he will fetch the police from the NPA.

Courtesy of DavaoNews

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